Bringing School to Life

The What's Up Farm garden is a classroom without walls, where any school subject can be taught using a fun, hands-on approach to teaching. As students engage their minds, bodies and souls in nature's classroom, their focus is increased for other studies as well.

In addition to learning life skills such as responsibility, patience, and leadership, the garden provides a way for students to earn money to pay for their education. Redwood Adventist Academy students learn to support a healthy, local food system by practicing responsible growing methods that emphasize sustainability and bio-diversity.



Food for Life

Students plant, grow, and learn about a diverse range of seasonal produce, sparking their interest in healthy foods and preparing them for a lifetime of healthy habits.

The school's salad bar boasts a colorful array of vegetables, picked and served at the height of freshness. Culinary Arts students learn to cook and prepare meals using produce they have planted and cared for, exposing them to a rich variety of options.   

Coming Soon:
Hydroponics & Aquaponics Growing
Development of Agriculture Curriculum to share with other Educators
Planting Fruit Tree Orchard
Internships & Volunteering Opportunities